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Should You Abandon Privacy Concerns To Offer Assistance? You Make The Call


Respecting employee privacy is key, but what if a conversation could really help? You make the call and take our poll. Read more...


Ask Leslie: When Should We Skip Progressive Discipline And Go Directly To Termination?

Leslie Zieren

An employer asks Leslie Zieren, Esq. when skipping progressive discipline steps would make sense. Read more...


Install Updates And Protect Credentials: The One-Two Punch To Fight Malware


Organizations that patch vulnerabilities and train employees to protect their login data greatly reduce their risk of a cyber breach. We examine. Read more...


Fair Housing Discrimination Based On National Origin


The U.S. Department of Justice claims a Florida law firm exploited Spanish-speaking clients. Learn what the firm did wrong and the implications under the Fair Housing Act. Read more...


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Should Employers Hire Applicants Who Do Not Meet Job Qualifications? You Make The Call

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