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Gift Exchange Body Humor: You Make The Call


An ongoing bad joke during a holiday gift exchange may sound funny, but not everyone is laughing. You make the call and join the conversation. Read more...


Ask Leslie: How Should I Approach Managing My Former Peers?

Leslie Zieren

An employer asks Leslie Zieren, Esq. how to approach managing her former peers. Read more...


Religious Harassment And Accommodation: What Managers And Supervisors Need To Consider

Kirstin Heffner

A former employee alleges religious and other discrimination against his former employer. Read about the claims and the risks related to religious-based discrimination. Read more...


Non-Compete Agreements: Would A LinkedIn Connection Be A Violation?

Leslie Zieren

An ex-employee asked three of his former employer's employees to connect with him on LinkedIn. The employer sued him for violation of a non-compete agreement. Leslie Zieren discusses the outcome. Read more...


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Ask Leslie: Do I Have To Pay My Employees When We Are Closed Because Of Disasters Or Bad Weather?

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