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Expanding Employment Rights: Wal-Mart Settles First LGBT Discrimination Class Action

Leslie Zieren

A court approves a multi-million dollar discrimination class action settlement enforcing LGBT employment rights. Learn what employers should know to reduce the risk. Read more...


Should The CEO Attend Sex Harassment Training? You Make The Call


Sex harassment training is required in most workplaces, but what if the CEO refuses to attend? We want to hear from you and ask you to make the call. Join the conversation at #LeadByExample. Read more...


"WannaCry" Follow-up: Kill Switch Explained. More Attacks On The Way?


Researchers discover a kill switch in WannaCry, but is the risk gone? We examine the steps for prevention and managing the risk if your computer is targeted. Read more...


Ask Leslie: My Employee Wants To Make A Complaint About Work Before Work. What Should I Do?


An employer asks Leslie Zieren, Esq. how to manage an employee who wants to make a complaint outside of normal work hours. Read more...


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Employees Who Need To Pump Breast Milk: What Managers Need To Know

Avoiding discrimination risk means being aware of the workplace rights employees who are breastfeeding have and taking steps to make sure they are protected. Leslie Zieren explains. Read More

Catching A Liability Fever From Your Wellness Plan? One Employer's Hard Lesson

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Telecommuting: Is It A Good Idea? You Make The Call

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