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What's So Hard About Using Safe Passwords? You Make The Call


Despite rampant cybertheft of personal data through weak passwords, people aren't using safe passwords. What's up with that? We ask you to make the call and join the conversation at #SafePasswords. Read more...


Nationwide Strikes Are Scheduled For May 1: Are You Prepared?

Leslie Zieren

Service workers are planning a strike on May 1, 2017. Before you give in to your temptation to fire a striking employee, read what Leslie Zieren explains about the situation. Read more...


LGBT Workers: Protected Or Not? Why Managers Must "Up Their Game"

Jack McCalmon

Appellate court finds LGBT employees protected from discrimination, but another disagrees. Jack McCalmon states why changes in the law mean managers must do more when terminating employees. Read more...


Should Employees Who Serve Food Be Proficient In Reading English? You Make The Call


A child with a deadly peanut allergy is served peanut butter by mistake. We explain what happened, and ask you to make the call and join the conversation at #PeanutAllergy. Read more...


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